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Traditional Medical Systems of the World
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About Forum

The Forum`s goal is to support state and public initiatives in harnessing the potential contribution of traditional medicine to health, wellness and people-centered healthcare and to promote safe and efficient use of traditional medicine through the regulation of products, practices and practitioners.

The Forum`s mission is to expand the knowledge base and tools among medical community harnessing the full potential of the world`s traditional medicine systems to benefit the health of individuals.

The Forum`s scientific program will bring together leading international scientists and highly qualified practitioners of various traditional medicine systems. The program features an interdisciplinary approach that will allow discussing the scientific and practical aspects from the points of view of the various medicine systems.

Forum participants — clinics, resorts, manufacturers of medicines will present to visitors the latest solutions for diagnosing and treating the main human diseases used in traditional medicine from around the world.

The Forum provides wide opportunities for visitors:

Healthcare leaders: to develop solutions that contribute to a broader vision of improved health and patient autonomy, as well as finding ways for:

  • building the knowledge base and formulating national policies;
  • strengthening safety, quality and effectiveness through regulation;
  • promoting universal health coverage by integrating TM into national health systems.

Education and research community: strengthen the quality assurance, safety, proper use and effectiveness of TM by regulating products, practices and practitioners through TM education and training, skills development, services and therapies. To reveal the research potential and widest opportunities of TM both as remedies and as treatment methods. Find new ways and approaches for TM evidence base.

Medical community: discover new ways and methods for treating diseases in which the TM has clear advantages in terms of the results.

Medical students: to gain knowledge of traditional medicine systems at the beginning of professional career, improving professional competence and worldview.

Business society: to understand the key quality parameters of TM, efficiency standards and regulations, and as a consequence to evaluate business effectiveness in the Russian realities.

Private visitors:

  • on one place to discover the world of traditional medicine systems and get a better understanding of available basic approaches that can be used in everyday life;
  • to understand the key parameters of quality and effectiveness of applying TM methods from different countries of the world, their differences from standard treatment methods;
  • get consultations from doctors and pass the primary diagnostics, test clinics services and choose for themselves acceptable treatment methods.


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